Words that Start with F

Words that Start with FA

Words that Start with FE

Words that Start with FI

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Words that Start with F



Verbs that begin with F

  • Linking verbs – feel
    • Feel – to be aware of. It originates from Old English and Middle English; first used before the 12th century. It is pronounced as \ˈfēl\.
      • I feel horrible about losing your money.  


  • Action verbs – fasten, frown
    • Fasten – to attach or join two items. It originates from Middle English fastnen, from Old English fæstnian to make fast. It was first used in the 12th century. It is pronounced \ˈfa-sən\.
      • If you fasten the handle to the pan, it will be easier to use.
    • Frown – to pull one’s eyebrows together in thought or irritation. It originates from Middle English frounen, from Middle French frogner to snort, frown, of Celtic origin; first used in the 14th century. It is pronounced \ˈfrau̇n\.
      • When I’m thinking hard, I always frown, so I look upset instead.


Nouns that begin with F

  • Objects – flare, funnel
    • Flare – a bright light used as an alarm or warning. The word’s origin is unknown; it was first used in 1580. It is pronounced \ˈfler\.
      • There were flares on the roadway to alert drivers of an accident.
    • Funnel – a hollow cone with a narrow spout. The word was first used in the 15th century. It is pronounced \ˈfə-nəl\.
      • It’s a lot easier to fill the salt and pepper shakers with a funnel.


Adverbs that begin with F

  • fearlessly, frostily
    • Fearlessly – to do something without fear. The root is fear (Middle English feren) with two suffixes –less (without) and –ly. It was first used around 1530. It is pronounced as \ˈfir-ləs-lē\.
      • Little boys always dive fearlessly into new adventures.
    • Frostily – to do so in a cold or unfriendly manner. The word was first used around the 12th century. It is pronounced as \ˈfrȯ-sti-lē\.
      • She spoke so frostily to the people around her that they walked away.


Conjunctions that begin with F

  • for
    • For – to indicate purpose; an indicated goal. The word was first used around the 12th century. It is pronounced \fär\.
      • I wanted to study extra hard, for I was close to getting on the Dean’s list.


Prepositions that begin with F

  • following, from
    • Following – immediately after. The word was first used around 1926. It is pronounced as \ˈfä-lə-wiŋ\.
      • We will have a special dinner following the ceremony.
    • From – used to indicate the starting point or point of which something came out. The word originates from Middle English and Old English; first used in the 12th century. It is pronounced as \ˈfrəm, ˈfräm\.
      • We came from England to see Niagara Falls.


The letter F is another popularly used letter of the alphabet. It may be found at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of many commonly used words.


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