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Words that Start with J

Verbs that begin with J

  • Action verbs – justify, juxtaposed
    • Justify – to give a good reason for; to show as true, just. The word was first used in the 14th century. It is pronounced \ˈjəs-tə-ˌfī\.
      • I tried to justify being late, but the teacher didn’t believe me.
    • Juxtapose – to place different things together to show in an interesting way or to show similarities and differences. Possibly shortened from juxtaposition: Latin juxta near + English position; first used about 1851. It is pronounced \ˈjək-stə-ˌpōz\.
      • My mom likes to juxtapose our family pictures with family members we each look like.


Nouns that begin with J

  • Objects – jewel, junk
    • Jewel – a valuable stone or gem, such as a diamond or ruby, which has been cut and polished. The word originates from Anglo-French, diminutive of ju, jeu game, play; first used in the 13th century. It is pronounced \ˈjü-əl, ˈjül also ˈju̇l\.
      • My mother’s ring has a jewel for each of my children.
    • Junk – items or objects of no value or considered garbage. The word originates from Middle English jonke; first used in the 14th century. It is pronounced \ˈjəŋk\.
      • Our local artist is best known for making art out of junk.


Adverbs that begin with J

  • jauntily, jubilantly
    • Jauntily – to do something sprightly or with a lot of life. The word originates from the modification of French gentil; first used around 1662. It is pronounced as \ˈjȯn-tə-lē\.
      • The cheerleaders jauntily ran onto the field, some performing cartwheels.
    • Jubilantly – to do something with joy or happiness. The word was first used around 1667. It is pronounced \ˈjü-bə-lənt-lē\.
      • The team ran jubilantly off the field after winning the game.


Interjections that begin with J

  • jeez
    • Jeez – an expression of surprise; mild oath. It is a euphemism of Jesus and was first used around 1923. It is pronounced as \ˈjēz\.
      • “Jeez, I thought that test would never end.”


The letter J is not as commonly used as other letters of the alphabet. It is found mostly as a beginning letter than in the middle or end of words. It doesn’t change sounds as other letters are apt to do.


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