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Words that Start with L


Verbs that begin with L

  • Linking verb – lie
    • Lie – to put one’s body in a horizontal position. The word originates from Latin lectus bed; first used before the 12th century. It is pronounced lahy.
      • He lies in bed so late every morning that he misses the bus.


  • Action verbs – lack, loathe
    • Lack – to not have something; missing. The word was first used in the 13th century. It is pronounced lak.
      • I lack the energy to run today, so I’m going to stay home.
    • Loathe – to hate or despise something or someone. The word originates from Middle English lothen, from Old English lāthian to dislike, be hateful, from lāth; first used in the 12th century. It is pronounced lohth.
      • Even though I loathe math, I want to get a good grade this year.


Nouns that begin with L

  • Objects – leaflet, loom
    • Leaflet – a printed paper with information that is folded and given to people for free. The word was first used in 1785. It is pronounced leef-lit.
      • Whenever we go to the doctor, the office gives us a leaflet on strange diseases.
    • Loom – a large wooden frame at which threads are interlaced at right angles to make a cloth. The word originates from Middle English lome tool, loom, from Old English gelōma tool; first used in the 15th century. It is pronounced loom.
      • My grandmother told me how she used to make beautiful blankets on her mother’s loom.


Adverbs that begin with L

  • laudably, linguistically
    • Laudably – to do something in a way worthy of praise. The word laud originates from Middle English laudes (plural), from Medieval Latin, from Latin, plural of laud-, laus praise; first used around the 15th century. It is pronounced as law-duh-buh lee.
      • The choir sang laudably, much improved from last year.
    • Linguistically – in a way relating to language or linguistics. The word was first used around 1827. It is pronounced ling-gwis-tik-lee.
      • Linguistically speaking, “unfriend” and “texting” are not true verbs but are used in reference to using social media.


Prepositions that begin with L

  • like
    • Like – to be similar to. The word originates Middle English, from Old English līcian; first used before the 12th century. It is pronounced as lahyk.
      • It looks like it’s going to rain.


The letter L is a commonly used letter of the alphabet found in all areas of words. It doesn’t change sounds as other letters are apt to do and is doubled in many words.



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