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Words that Start with M


Verbs that begin with M

  • Linking verbs – may, must
    • May – to be possible. The word originates from Old English mæg; first used in the 12th century. It is pronounced \mey\.
      • It may rain later today.
    • Must – to be required; have to; to be likely. The word originates from Old English mōste; first used in the 12th century. It is pronounced \ muhst\.
      • It must be hard to work and go to school.


  • Action verbs – materialize, migrate
    • Materialize – to appear slowly or suddenly; to become real, visible. The word was first used around 1710. It is pronounced \muh-teer-ee-uh-lihyz\.
      • The food seemed to materialize before as the kitchen crew worked furiously to get dinner ready.
    • Migrate – to move from one country to another. The word originates from Latin migrates; first used in 1697. It is pronounced \my-greyt\
      • Many people migrate to the U.S. to have better lives.


Nouns that begin with M

  • Objects – mechanism, mural
    • Mechanism – a piece of machinery; way of thinking or acting in a specific way. The word originates from Greek mechan machine + New Latin –ismus– ismus; first used in 1662. It is pronounced \mek-uh-niz-uh m\.
      • A new mechanism at work helps us put the parts together faster.
    • Mural – of or relating to a wall, applied directly to a wall, as in a large painting. The word originates from Latin muralis, from murus wall; first used in 1586. It is pronounced \myoo r-uh l\.
      • Every year, the top artists in our school design the mural on the side of the school building.


Adverbs that begin with M

  • maliciously, meekly
    • Maliciously – to do something with the intention to hurt or cause harm. The word originates from from Latin malitia, from malus bad; first used in the 14th century. It is pronounced as \muh-lish-uhs lee\.
      • I couldn’t believe how maliciously the girls teased the new boy.
    • Meekly – with a calm and gentle manner; quietly. The word originates from Old Norse mjukr soft, mild; first used around the 13th century. It is pronounced \meek-lee\.
      • While other players were wildly clapping hands and yelling, the star athlete meekly accepted the praise and thanked the students for watching.


Prepositions that begin with M

  • minus
    • Minus – less one or more; subtracted. The word originates from Latin minus, adverb, less, from neuter of minor smaller; first used in the 15th century. It is pronounced as \ mhy-nuh s\.
      • I found all the lost books minus the mythology book.


Interjections that begin with M

  • Meh, my word
    • Meh – expression of disappointment, boredom, apathy. The word is slang and was first used around the 1990s, possibly made popular by the television show “The Simpsons.” It is pronounced as \ maeh\.
      • “Meh, I don’t care what we do.”
    • My word – expression of mild surprise. It was first used in 1841. It is pronounced  \mi -wurd\
      • “My word, that child can eat a lot!”


The letter M is one of the more popularly used letters of the alphabet. It may be found at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of many commonly used words.


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