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Words that Start with O



Verbs that begin with O

  • Action verbs – officiate, ostracize
    • Officiate – to act or lead in a ceremony, such as a wedding or graduation; to referee or judge a game. The word originates from Medieval Latin officiatus (past participle of officiare to serve); first used around 1623. It is pronounced \uh-fish-ee-eyt\.
      • My mom is an ordained pastor, so she has been asked to officiate at a wedding.
    • Ostracize – to shun; exclude someone from a group. The word originates from Greek ostrakizein to banish by voting with potsherds, from ostrakon shell, potsherd; first used in 1649. It is pronounced \os-truh-sahyz\.
      • I don’t like it when my friends ostracize the new kids, so I always try to make up for it by showing them around the school.


Nouns that begin with O

  • Objects – obelisk, oscillator
    • Obelisk – a four-sided, tall smooth column with a slanted, pointed top. The word was first used in 1569. It is pronounced \ob-uh-lisk\.
      • The Washington Monument is a famous obelisk.
    • Oscillator – an object or machine that moves back and forth. The word was first used in 1835. It is pronounced \os-uh-ley-ter\.
      • The oscillator in my wall clock stopped, so now the time is stuck at 3:23.



Adverbs that begin with O

  • odiously, ostensibly
    • Odiously – to do something in a hateful or offensive manner. The word was first used in the 14th century. It is pronounced as \oh-dee-uhs-lee\.
      • My new boss speaks odiously to me every time I make a mistake.
    • Ostensibly – pretending; putting on appearances; apparently. The word was first used around 1765. It is pronounced \o-sten-suh-blee\.
      • Ostensibly, we are learning how to take notes while listening, but we’re really just watching a movie today.


Pronouns that begin with O

  • ourselves
    • Ourselves – a reflexive form of the pronoun we. It is a compound word formed from our and the plural form of self. It was first used around the 15th century. It is pronounced \ahr-selvz\.
      • When we got our bikes, we realized that we would have to put them together ourselves, since our dads were not home.


Prepoitions that begin with O

  • On, over
    • On – to be touching something; to be in contact with. The word was first used in the 12th century. It is pronounced as \awn\.
      • The toy I was looking for was on the floor under the table.
    • Over – to be above something else. The word is akin to Old High German ubar (preposition) above, beyond, over; first used in the 12th century. It is pronounced as \oh-ver\.
      • When we were flying our kites, they went over the building and got stuck on the rooftop.


Conjunctions that begin with O

  • or
    • Or – a conjunction to indicate choices, alternatives. The word originates from Middle English, alteration of other; first used in the 12th century. It is pronounced \awr\.
      • We could go to the movies, or we could stay home and watch the movie marathon.


Interjections that begin with O

  • oh, oops
    • Oh – expression of slight surprise, sadness, or disappointment. The word was first used around the 13th century. It is pronounced as \oh\.
      • “Oh, I thought we were going out to dinner.”
    • Oops – used to express dismay at a small mistake or error, blunder. The word has uncertain origins; first used around 1933. It is pronounced as \oo ps\.
      • “Oops, I dropped the plate I was drying.”


The letter O is one of the more popularly used letters of the alphabet since it’s a vowel. It may be found at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of many commonly used words.


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