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Words that Start with Q


Verbs that begin with Q

  • Action verbs – quarrel, query
    • Quarrel – to argue or disagree on something. It is pronounced \kwawr-uh l\.
      • My little brothers always quarrel about who gets to play video games.
    • Query – to ask; to question. It is pronounced \ kweer-ee\.
      • After the work was done, my boss started to query us on how we got it done so quickly.

Nouns that begin with Q

  • Objects – quartz, quill
    • Quartz – a mineral or crystal used in watches and clocks. It is pronounced \ kwawrts\.
      • Many watches that have the hands on them use quartz to help them move and keep time.
    • Quill – the hollow part of a feather, used as a pen in the past by dipping into ink. It is pronounced \ kwil\.
      • I like pretending I’m an ancient scribe by writing with a quill and black India ink.


Adverbs that begin with Q

  • quantitatively, querulously
    • Quantitatively – to do so in a manner of being counted. It is pronounced as \kwon-ti-tey-tiv-lee\.
      • The research was done quantitatively through surveys.
    • Querulously – to do so in a complaining manner. It is pronounced \kwer-uh-luhs-lee\.
      • The boy querulously described his day, first by stating how terrible his breakfast was.

Interjections that begin with Q

  • quite
    • Quite – expression of agreement; just so; exactly. The word is a British form of expression. It is pronounced as \kwahyt\.
      • “Quite. I believe we are all in agreement on the plan.”


The letter Q is one of the less popularly used letters of the alphabet. It is usually used in the beginning of words and rarely in the middle or at the end.


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