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Words that Start with R


Verbs that begin with R

  • Linking verbs – remain
    • Remain – staying in the same spot or state; still needing to be dealt with. It is pronounced \ri-meyn\.
      • The teachers remain silent whenever announcements come on, but all the kids talk and make noise.
  • Action verbs – relinquish, recoup
    • Relinquish – to give up; let go of something. It is pronounced \ri-ling-kwish\.
      • I relinquish control of my office whenever I go on vacation, but I don’t like it.
    • Recoup – to get back or regain what was lost. It is pronounced \ri-koop\.
      • During the recession, my grandfather lost his savings, but he managed to recoup most of it by investing in new businesses.

Nouns that begin with R

  • Objects – radiator, receptacle
    • Radiator – a device that holds water to cool a car engine or to heat a room in a house. It is pronounced \rey-dee-ey-ter\.
      • Our car’s radiator overheated on our trip to see my uncle in Nevada.
    • Receptacle – a container used for holding things. It is pronounced \ri-sep-tuh-kuh l\.
      • The receptacle by the door is used for recycling, not trash.


Adverbs that begin with R

  • reputedly, ruefully
    • Reputedly – according to popular belief or reputation. It is pronounced as \ri-pyoo-tid-lee\.
      • The show is reputedly a good movie, but I didn’t like it.
    • Ruefully – to do so in a regretful or sorrowful way, with pity. It is pronounced as \roo-fuhl-lee\.
      • Our neighbors ruefully told us that they hit our car as they backed out of their driveway.

Prepositions that begin with R

    • Regarding – relating to; concerning. It is pronounced as \ri-gahr-ding\.
      • The state’s governor spoke to the people regarding the new laws about to pass.
    • Respecting – about or relating to. It is pronounced as \ri-spek-ting\.
      • The new laws, respecting the use of cell phones while driving, are meant to save lives.


Interjections that begin with R

  • rats
    • Rats – expression of disappointment, annoyance, or disgust. It is pronounced as \ratz\.
      • “Rats! Our school lost the playoff game.”


The letter R is another popularly used letter of the alphabet. It may be found at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of many commonly used words. It is also sometimes doubled.


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