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Words that Start with T


Verbs that begin with T

  • Linking verbs – taste
    • Taste – to perceive or experience flavor through the tongue. It is pronounced \teyst\.
      • The fresh cookies taste delicious!
  • Action verbs – terminate, trespass
    • Terminate – to end or put an end to; conclude. It is pronounced \tur-muh-neyt\.
      • I had to terminate my friendship with my best friend after she stole the necklace my grandmother gave me.
    • Trespass – to go onto someone’s property without permission. It is pronounced \tres-pas\.
      • The boys trespass onto the farmer’s land to steal mushrooms, but they don’t know the farmer watches them with a smile each time.


Nouns that begin with T

  • Objects – telegram, treatise
    • Telegram – a message sent by a telegraph machine. The root word is Greek tele meaning distance + gram written. It is pronounced \tel-i-gram\.
      • During World War II, a family’s worst nightmare was getting a telegram, because it meant someone had died overseas.
    • Treatise – a formal piece of writing that discusses a topic thoroughly. It is pronounced \tree-tis\.
      • The international relations professor wrote a treatise on the points of building strong connections with companies overseas.


Adverbs that begin with T

  • tantalizingly, thriftily
    • Tantalizingly – in a manner that teases, provokes interest, or amuses. It is pronounced as \tan-tl-ahy-zing-lee\.
      • My dad’s dinners always smell tantalizingly good, but usually taste horrible.
    • Thriftily – to spend money in a careful way; cheaply. It is pronounced as \thrif-ti-lee\.
      • My grandparents lived through the Great Depression, so live thriftily, even growing their own vegetables.


Prepositions that begin with T

  • than, throughout
    • Than – in relation to; in comparison. It is pronounced as \th an\.
      • The tree in the hotel courtyard is much bigger than the trees outside.
    • Throughout – in every part of; across the whole of. It is pronounced as \throo-out\.
      • Whenever I get sick, I feel badly throughout my whole body.


Interjections that begin with T

  • tsk-tsk
    • Tsk-tsk – expression of disapproval. The word is slang and was first used in 1943. It is pronounced as \tisk-tisk\.
      • “Tsk-tsk. You shouldn’t have ripped that boy’s book.”


The letter T is another popularly used letter of the alphabet. It may be found at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of many commonly used words. It is also sometimes doubled.


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