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Words that Start with U


Verbs that begin with U

  • Action verbs – urge, utilize
    • Urge – to push toward an act or idea; persuade. The word originates from Latin urgere to press, push, entreat. It is pronounced \urj\.
      • I always urge my students to do their best on their state tests.
    • Utilize – to use or put to use. It is pronounced \ yoot-l-ahyz\.
      • Some churches utilize school stages for their services.

Nouns that begin with U

  • Objects – umbrella, urn
    • Umbrella – a circular form of protection from rain and sun usually kept folded flat on a pole and opened up with spokes that push the material upward. It is pronounced \ uhm-brel-uh\.
      • In England, most people carry an umbrella because it rains a lot.
    • Urn – a decorative container used to hold cremated ashes; a container that holds hot drinks such as coffee or tea. It is pronounced \urn\.
      • My father’s ashes are in a nice urn that my mom keeps on the mantel.

Adverbs that begin with U

  • uppermost, uproariously
    • Uppermost – in the highest position of rank, power, or place. The word is a compound word formed from upper and most. It is pronounced as \uhp-er-mohst\.
      • The city’s best interests were placed uppermost in the mayor’s mind as the election got closer.
    • Uproariously – in a funny or noisy manner. It is pronounced \uhp-rawr-ee-uh s-lee\.
      • The kids were laughing uproariously as the puppies licked their faces.

Conjunctions that begin with U

  • until, unless
    • Until – up to that time or point. It is pronounced \uhn-til\.
      • The movie was good until the characters started singing their parts.
    • Unless – except; under the circumstances that. It is pronounced \uhn-les\.
      • The party will be held in the yard unless it is raining.

Pronouns that begin with U

  • us
    • Us – direct or indirect object of “we.” It is pronounced \uhs\.
      • The boss gave us new coffee cups instead of raises.

Prepositions that begin with U

  • underneath, upon
    • Underneath – below something; on the bottom of. It is pronounced \uhn-der-neeth\.
      • Whenever he gets in trouble with Mom, my little brother hides underneath his bed.
    • Upon – above and touching something; at the time of. It is pronounced \uh-pawn\.
      • Upon our arrival at the doctor’s office, the doctor put ice upon the top of my head to stop the swelling.

Interjections that begin with U

  • ugh
    • Ugh – expression to show dislike, disappointment, or annoyance. It is pronounced as \uhg\.
      • “Ugh, the milk has turned sour.”

The letter U is used within words more than at the beginning or end. It is commonly found after q.


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