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Words that Start with V

The following is more information on words that start with V.


Verbs that begin with V

  • Action verbs – vacate, vindicate
    • Vacate – to leave or get out of. It is pronounced \vey-keyt\.
      • People should vacate a building immediately if there is a fire.
    • Vindicate – to clear someone of guilt; to show someone accused of wrong to be right. The word originates from Latin vindicare to lay claim to, avenge. It is pronounced \vin-di-keyt\.
      • My uncle was vindicated after a store owner wrongly accused him of stealing a watch he’d bought from another store.

Nouns that begin with V

  • Objects – veil, vinyl
    • Veil – a cloth or piece of fabric used to cover the face. It is pronounced \veyl\.
      • I made my daughter’s bridal veil from the wedding dress I wore when I married her father.
    • Vinyl – a type of plastic used to make floor coverings, old music records, and fabrics for walls and furniture. It is pronounced \vahyn-l\.
      • The vinyl floor covering in the kitchen is easier to clean than the carpet and wooden floors upstairs.

Adverbs that begin with V

  • valiantly, vividly
    • Valiantly – to do so bravely, courageously. It is pronounced as \val-yuh nt-lee\.
      • My sister sat valiantly through the dentist visit, getting three cavities filled.
    • Vividly – lively; intensely; clearly. The word originates from Latin vividus, from vivere to live. It is pronounced as \viv-id-lee\.
      • I remember each detail of my grandmother’s farm vividly; it was my favorite place to visit.

Prepositions that begin with V

  • versus, via
    • Versus – indicating two alternatives; something going against. It is pronounced as \vur-suh s\.
      • I prefer writing essays versus writing research papers.
    • Via – by way of; through; by means of. It is pronounced as \vee-uh\ or \vahy-uh\.
      • You can get to the airport via the beltway or by going through the back roads.


The letter V is more popularly used within words instead of the beginning, and rarely at the end of words.


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