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Words that Start with W


Verbs that begin with W

  • Linking verbs – was, were
    • Was – singular past tense of is, a form of “to be.” It is pronounced \wuhz\.
      • The dog was cute and happy, always running around the yard.
    • Were – plural past tense of is, a form of “to be.” It is pronounced \wur\.
      • The boys were excited when they found out they got a dog.
  • Action verbs – waver, writhe
    • Waver – to go back and forth between; to be uncertain. It is pronounced \wey-ver\.
      • I waver between choosing chocolate cake or apple pie.
    • Writhe – to twist the body from side to side. It is pronounced \rahyth\.
      • Some churches utilize school stages for their services.

Nouns that begin with W

  • Objects – wisp, wrench
    • Wisp – a thin lock of hair; a thin strip of smoke. It is pronounced \ wisp\.
      • My baby brother looks so cute with a little wisp of hair in his face.
    • Wrench – a tool used to twist and turn. It is pronounced \rench\.
      • To put my new bed together, we had to use a wrench to tighten the bolts.

Adverbs that begin with W

  • wearily, wrathfully
    • Wearily – in a tired manner; worn out physically or mentally. It is pronounced as \weer-i-lee\.
      • The mother wearily cleaned up the living room while her twins were sleeping.
    • Wrathfully – in a way full of anger or ire. It is pronounced \rath-fuhl-lee\.
      • The woman wrathfully yelled at the waiter after he spilled coffee in her lap.

Pronouns that begin with W

  • we
    • We – group indicating oneself and others; subject form of group and I. It is pronounced \wee\.
      • We gave our teacher a pretty coffee cup for her birthday.

Prepositions that begin with W

  • without, worth
    • Without – to leave out; not included. It is pronounced \with-out\.
      • After the show, the kids left without their snacks, so they were upset.
    • Worth – equal in value; deserving of; good enough. It is pronounced \wurth\.
      • It is not worth the money to repair my car after the accident, so I bought a new one.

Interjections that begin with W

  • whoa, wow
    • Whoa – A command to stop. It is pronounced as \hwoh\.
      • “Whoa! Why are you talking so meanly about him?”
    • Wow – an expression of surprise, wonder, or awe. It is pronounced \wou\.
      • “Wow! I can’t believe I finally got an A on my science test!”

The letter W is used at the beginning of many common words, in the middle and at the end.


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