Words that Start with X

Words that Start with X


Verbs that begin with X

  • Action verbs – x-ray, xerox
    • X-ray – to use a special machine to look at bones within the body. The word originates from the translation of German X-Strahl (1895), the name orig. given to the rays by Röntgen, their discoverer, x signifying their unknown nature. It is pronounced \vey-keyt\.
      • The technician had to X-ray my arm to find where it was broken.
    • Xerox – to reproduce or make a copy of using a machine. The word originates from the trademark name Xerox, a brand of copy machine. It is pronounced \zeer-oks\.
      • Please take these papers and xerox two copies of each for me.


Nouns that begin with X

  • Objects – xerography, xylophone
    • Xerography – a process for copying graphic material through a special machine that uses light and powder (toner) to copy the text or graphic onto paper. It is pronounced \zi-rog-ruh-fee\.
      • School teachers and businesses have found that xerography saves them a lot of time when trying to copy documents.
    • Xylophone – a musical instrument with graduated wooden bars that make notes when struck with a small hammer. It is pronounced \zahy-luh-fohn\.
      • My brother, who now plays the large xylophone for the school band, used to love his little, brightly colored toy xylophone when he was three.


Adverbs that begin with X

  • xerically
    • Xerically – to grow in a dry condition or habitat. It is pronounced as \zeer-ik-uhl-lee\.
      • I like growing cactus plants because they thrive xerically, which is good since I tend to forget to water my plants.


The letter X is rarely used at the beginning of words; there are few words that start with the letter. It is more common within words and at the end of words.


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