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Words that Start with Y


Verbs that begin with Y

  • Action verbs – yearn, yield
    • Yearn – to long for; have a strong desire for. It is pronounced \yurn\.
      • I yearn for the day I don’t have to go to school any more.
    • Yield – to give up to; surrender; slow down for. It is pronounced \yeeld\.
      • Whenever you merge into traffic, you have to slow down and yield to oncoming cars.

Nouns that begin with Y

  • Objects – yardstick, yoke
    • Yardstick – a stick used for measuring; consists of markings that equal three feet, which is one yard. The word is a compound word – yard + stick. It is pronounced \yahrd-stik\.
      • My teacher uses his yardstick to point at the whiteboard, but then uses it to help us learn how to measure big items such as desks.
    • Yoke – a wooden frame with loops that go around animals’ necks to hook up equipment. It is pronounced \yohk\.
      • The yoke around the yaks’ necks broke after half the field was plowed.

Adverbs that begin with Y

  • yearningly
    • Yearningly – to do so with deep longing; wistfully; done with desire. It is pronounced as \yur-ning-lee\.
      • While overseas, the soldier thought yearningly of his family back home.


Conjunctions that begin with Y

  • yet
    • Yet – nevertheless; but; though. It is pronounced \yet\.
      • We wanted to finish the job, yet we were enjoying our time with the company.


Pronouns that begin with Y

  • you, yourself
    • You – second person singular, can be subject or object. It is pronounced \shee\.
      • You should really go to bed before Mom sees you.
    • Yourself – reflective form of you; goes back to the second person. It is pronounced \yohr-self\.
      • Please be careful that you don’t hurt yourself with that knife.

Interjections that begin with Y

  • yuck
    • Yuck – expression of distaste or disgust. The word is American slang. It is pronounced as \yuhk\.
      • “Yuck! I hate Brussel sprouts.”


The letter Y is not common at the beginning of words, but it is popular in the middle and ending of words. It can be a consonant and a vowel.


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