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Words that Start with Z


Verbs that begin with Z

  • Action verbs – zigzag, zoom
    • Zigzag – to move in a crooked way; moving with a lot of turns, not in a straight line. It is pronounced \zig-zag \.
      • When it snows, we like to zigzag around the yard, leaving crazy tracks.
    • Zoom – to move quickly; to increase at a fast speed. The word was first used in 1903 as an imitation of a sound. It is pronounced \zoom\.
      • The boys always zoom past the girls to get in the lunch line first.


Nouns that begin with Z

  • Objects – zephyr, Zeppelin
    • Zephyr – a mild, gentle breeze; the West wind. The word originates from Latin Zephyrus, god of the west wind & zephyrus west wind, zephyr, from Greek Zephyros & zephyros. It is pronounced \zef-er\.
      • After the very cold and windy winter, it was nice to have a zephyr to start the spring.
    • Zeppelin – a large, wingless aircraft with an oblong shape that is filled with a type of gas, has rooms for passengers and crew, and engines on the bottom. The word originates from Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin. It is pronounced \zep-uh-lin\.
      • After the Hindenburg crashed in 1937, zeppelins were not a favored way of air travel.


Adverbs that begin with Z

  • zealously, zestfully
    • Zealously – in a manner that is devoted, energetic; supportively; fervently. It is pronounced as \zel-uh s-lee\.
      • Our soccer team zealously played our first playoff game.
    • Zestfully – to do so joyfully; heartily. The word was first used around 1800. It is pronounced as \zest-fuh l-lee\.
      • My grandmother lives life zestfully, always smiling and grateful for every little thing.

The letter Z is not a common letter of the alphabet for word beginnings. It may be found at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of some words. It is also sometimes doubled.


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