• (obsolete) An act of abetting; of helping; of giving aid. [First attested from 1350 to 1470.]
  • (obsolete) Fraud or cunning. [First attested from 1150 to 1350.]


  • (transitive, archaic) To support, countenance, maintain, uphold, or aid any good cause, opinion, or action; to maintain. [First attested in the late 16th century.]
  • (transitive) To incite; to assist or encourage by aid or countenance in crime. [First attested from around (1350 to 1470).]
  • (obsolete, transitive) To urge on, stimulate (a person to do) something desirable. [Attested from around (1350 to 1470) (1390) until the early 17th century.]
  • (obsolete) To back up one's forecast of a doubtful issue, by staking money, etc., to bet.

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