• (law) A mode of acquiring property, by which the owner of a corporeal substance which receives an addition by growth, or by labor, has a right to the part or thing added, or the improvement (provided the thing is not changed into a different species).
  • (medicine) The invasion, approach, or commencement of a disease; a fit or paroxysm.
  • Increase by something added; that which is added; augmentation from without.
  • The act of coming to or reaching a throne, an office, or dignity.
  • Access; admittance.
  • A coming to; the act of acceding and becoming joined; as, a king's accession to a confederacy.
  • (law) The act by which one power becomes party to engagements already in force between other powers.
  • Agreement.


  • (transitive) To make a record of (additions to a collection).

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