• The act of increasing, or the matter added, by an accession of parts externally; an extraneous addition; as, an accretion of earth.

    "A mineral ... augments not by growth, but by accretion."

  • (biology) A growing together of parts naturally separate, as of the fingers or toes.
  • (law) Gain to an heir or legatee; failure of a coheir to the same succession, or a co-legatee of the same thing, to take his share percentage.
  • The act of increasing by natural growth; especially the increase of organic bodies by the internal accession of parts; organic growth.
  • concretion; coherence of separate particles; as, the accretion of particles so as to form a solid mass.
  • (law) The adhering of property to something else, by which the owner of one thing becomes possessed of a right to another; generally, gain of land by the washing up of sand or sail from the sea or a river, or by a gradual recession of the water from the usual watermark.
  • Something added externally to promote growth the external growth of an item.
  • (geology) The gradual increase of land by deposition of water-borne sediment.

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