• (Britain) A wet-cell storage battery.

    "Looks like it's time to recharge the accumulator again."

  • (manufacturing) A vessel containing pressurized hot water ready for release as steam.
  • (finance) A derivative contract under which the seller commits to sell shares of an underlying security at a certain strike price, which the buyer is obligated to buy.
  • One who, or that which, accumulates.

    "He is a great accumulator of bad jokes."

  • (mechanics) A system of elastic springs for relieving the strain upon a rope, as in deep-sea dredging.
  • (computer science) A register in a calculator or computer used for holding the intermediate results of a computation or data transfer.
  • (gambling) A collective bet on successive events, with both stake and winnings being carried forward to accumulate progressively.
  • (engineering, hydraulics) A container which stores hydraulic power for release, in the form of a pressurized fluid (often suspended within a larger tank of fluid under pressure).

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