• (obsolete) Already past or gone; bygone.
  • (of motion) Pertaining to the direction towards the back.

    "They left without a backward glance."

  • Of a culture considered undeveloped or unsophisticated.
  • (cricket) Further behind the batsman's popping crease than something else.
  • Late or behindhand.

    "a backward season"

  • Reluctant or unable to advance.
  • (cricket) On that part of the field behind the batsman's popping crease.
  • Slow to apprehend; having difficulties in learning.

    "a backward child"

  • (of motion) Pertaining to the direction reverse of normal.

    "The occasional backward movement of planets is evidence they revolve around the sun."

  • Pertaining to a thought or value that is considered outdated.
  • (obsolete) Unwilling; averse; reluctant.


  • By way of reflection; reflexively.
  • Toward, or in, past time or events; ago.
  • (of motion) In the direction towards the back; backwards

    "to walk or ride backward; to throw the arms backward"

  • From a better to a worse state, as from honor to shame, from religion to sin.


  • The state behind or past.

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