• A card, sometimes with a barcode or magnetic strip, granting access to a certain area.
  • (nautical) A carved ornament on the stern of a vessel, containing a window or the representation of one.
  • A small nameplate, identifying the wearer, and often giving additional information.
  • (obsolete, slang, obsolete, cant) A brand on the hand of a thief, etc.

    "He has got his badge, and piked: He was burned in the hand, and is at liberty."

  • A distinctive mark, token, sign, emblem or cognizance, worn on one's clothing, as an insignia of some rank, or of the membership of an organization.

    "the badge of a society; the badge of a policeman"

  • Something characteristic; a mark; a token.
  • (heraldry) A distinctive mark worn by servants, retainers, and followers of royalty or nobility, who, being beneath the rank of gentlemen, have no right to armorial bearings.


  • (transitive) To show a badge to.

    "He calmed down a lot when the policeman badged him."

  • (transitive) To mark or distinguish with a badge.

    "The television was badged as 'GE', but wasn't made by them."

  • (transitive) To enter a restricted area by showing one's badge.

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