• A fireplace or pit for grilling food, typically used outdoors and traditionally employing hot charcoal as the heating medium.

    "We cooked our food on the barbecue."

  • (dated) A hog, ox, or other large animal roasted or broiled whole for a feast.
  • Meat, especially pork or beef, which has been cooked in such an apparatus (i.e. smoked over indirect heat from high-smoke fuels) and then chopped up or shredded.

    "She ordered a plate of barbecue with a side of slaw."

  • A meal or event highlighted by food cooked in such an apparatus.

    "We're having a barbecue on Saturday, and you're invited."

  • A floor on which coffee beans are sun-dried.


  • To grill.
  • To cook food on a barbecue; to smoke it over indirect heat from high-smoke fuels.

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