• A person employed to solicit customers by calling out to passersby, e.g. at a carnival.

    "Bob had amassed a considerable stockpile of double entendres from his days working as a barker for a strip joint."

  • (slang, dated) A pistol.
  • A machine used to remove the bark from wood.

    "Run these logs through the barker so we can use them as fence posts."

  • Someone or something who barks.

    "My neighbor's dog is a constant barker that keeps me awake at night."

  • (video games) A video game mode where the action is demonstrated to entice someone to play the game.

    "The barker mode of the arcade video game convinced the teenager to spend a quarter."

  • (obsolete) A person that removes the bark from wood, or prepares it for use in tanning.

    "The profession of barker has been made largely obsolete by the introduction of more effective tanning agents, but it lives on as a surname."

  • A shelf-talker.
  • The spotted redshank.

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