• A train or truck moved between cities with no passengers or freight, in order to make it available for service
  • (slang) Driftwood.
  • Anyone traveling for free.
  • A stupid or boring person; dullard
  • (slang) A zombie.
  • An employee of a transportation company, especially a pilot, traveling as a passenger for logistical reasons, for example to return home or travel to their next assignment.
  • A person staying at a lodging, such as a hotel or boarding house, without paying rent; freeloader.
  • (slang) A fan of the rock band the Grateful Dead (usually Deadhead).
  • A person either admitted to a theatrical or musical performance without charge, or paid to attend


  • (intransitive) To travel as a deadhead, or non-paying passenger.
  • (transitive) To remove spent or dead blossoms from a plant.

    "If you deadhead your roses regularly, they will bloom all season."

  • (transitive) To send (a person or message) for free.
  • (transitive, intransitive) To drive an empty vehicle.

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