• Severe(ly affected), sore
  • Precious to or greatly valued by someone.

    "The dearer the giver, the dearer the trinket he brings!"

  • A formal way to start (often after my) addressing somebody one likes or regards kindly.

    "My dear friend, I feel better as soon as you come sit beside my sickbed!"

  • Loving, affectionate, heartfelt

    "Such dear embrace tenderly comforts even in this dear sorrow."

  • A formal way to start (possibly after my) addressing somebody at the beginning of a letter, memo etc.

    "Dear Sir/Madam/Miss, please notice our offices will be closed during the following bank holidays:"

  • (obsolete) Noble.
  • Loved; lovable.
  • High in price; expensive.

    "The dearer the jewel, the greater the love expressed."

  • An ironic way to start (often after my) addressing an inferior.

    "My dear boy, if your grades don't pick up I won't bounce you on but over my knee!"


  • (obsolete) dearly; at a high price


  • A beloved person
  • A very kind, loving person.

    "My cousin is such a dear, always drawing me pictures."


  • (obsolete) To endear.

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