• An argument, or discussion, usually in an ordered or formal setting, often with more than two people, generally ending with a vote or other decision.

    "After a four-hour debate, the committee voted to table the motion."

  • (uncountable) Discussion of opposing views.

    "There has been considerable debate concerning exactly how to format these articles."

  • (obsolete) Strife, discord.
  • An informal and spirited but generally civil discussion of opposing views.

    "There was a bit of a debate over who should pay for the damaged fence."

  • "The debate over the age of the universe is thousands of years old."

  • (Frequently in French form d├ębat) A type of literary composition, taking the form of a discussion or disputation, commonly found in the vernacular medieval poetry of many European countries, as well as in medieval Latin.


  • (obsolete, transitive) To engage in combat for; to strive for.
  • (obsolete, intransitive) To fight. [14th-17th c.]
  • (transitive, intransitive) To participate in a debate; to dispute, argue, especially in a public arena. [from 14th c.]
  • (transitive) To consider (to oneself), to think over, to attempt to decide

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