• (psychology, countable) (by analogy with subject and object) an inferred object of someone else's consciousness
  • (uncountable) A button on a machine that causes something to be ejected from the machine.

    "When the tape stops, press eject."


  • (transitive) To compel (a person or persons) to leave.

    "The man started a fight and was ejected from the bar."

  • (US, transitive) To compel (a sports player) to leave the field because of inappropriate behaviour.
  • (intransitive) To come out of a machine.

    "I can't get this cassette to eject."

  • (transitive) To throw out or remove forcefully.

    "In other news, a Montreal man was ejected from his car when he was involved in an accident."

  • (transitive) To cause (something) to come out of a machine.

    "Press that button to eject the video tape."

  • (transitive) To compel (a person or persons) to leave.

    "Andrew was ejected from his apartment for not paying the rent."

  • (intransitive) To project oneself from an aircraft.

    "The pilot lost control of the plane and had to eject."

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