• Used before making a statement to introduce it as a trustworthy one.


  • (obsolete) Feat.
  • Something which is real.

    "Gravity is a fact, not a theory."

  • An objective consensus on a fundamental reality that has been agreed upon by a substantial number of experts.

    "There is no doubting the fact that the Earth orbits the Sun."

  • (law, obsolete except in set phrases) A wrongful or criminal deed.

    "He had become an accessory after the fact."

  • Something actual as opposed to invented.

    "In this story, the Gettysburg Address is a fact, but the rest is fiction."

  • Something concrete used as a basis for further interpretation.

    "Let's look at the facts of the case before deciding."

  • (archaic) Action; the realm of action.
  • An honest observation.
  • Something which has become real.

    "The promise of television became a fact in the 1920s."

  • Information about a particular subject, especially actual conditions and/or circumstances.

    "The facts about space travel."

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