• Not real; false, fraudulent.

    "Which fur coat looks fake?"


  • (soccer) Move meant to deceive an opposing player, used for gaining advantage when dribbling an opponent.
  • A trick; a swindle.
  • (nautical) One of the circles or windings of a cable or hawser, as it lies in a coil; a single turn or coil.
  • Something which is not genuine, or is presented fraudulently.


  • To make a false display of, to affect, to feign, to simulate.
  • To make a counterfeit, to counterfeit, to forge, to falsify.
  • (nautical) To coil (a rope, line, or hawser), by winding alternately in opposite directions, in layers usually of zigzag or figure of eight form, to prevent twisting when running out.
  • To modify fraudulently, so as to make an object appear better or other than it really is; as, to fake a bulldog, by burning his upper lip and thus artificially shortening it.
  • To cheat; to swindle; to steal; to rob.

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