• Goodwill; benevolent regard.

    "to fall out of favor"

  • Mildness or mitigation of punishment; lenity.
  • (law) Partiality; bias.
  • Goodwill; benevolent regard.

    "She enjoyed the queen's favor."

  • A small gift; a party favor.

    "A marriage favour is a bunch or knot of white ribbons or white flowers worn at a wedding."

  • (obsolete) Appearance; look; countenance; face.
  • (obsolete, in the plural) lovelocks
  • A kind or helpful deed; an instance of voluntarily assisting (someone).

    "He did me a favor when he took the time to drive me home."

  • A small gift; a party favor.

    "At the holiday dinner, the hosts had set a favor by each place setting."

  • The object of regard; person or thing favoured.
  • (archaic, polite) A letter.

    "Your favour of yesterday is received."


  • (transitive) To do a favor [noun sense 1] for; to show beneficence toward.

    "Would you favor us with a poetry reading?"

  • (transitive) To look upon fondly; to prefer.
  • (transitive, in dialects, including Southern US and Louisiana) To resemble, to look like (another person).

    "You favor your grandmother more than your mother."

  • (transitive) To treat with care.

    "Favoring your sore leg will only injure the other one."

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