• group specific antigens


  • A joke or other mischievous prank.
  • (law) An order or rule forbidding discussion of a case or subject.
  • (archaic) A mouthful that makes one retch or choke.
  • A device to restrain speech, such as a rag in the mouth secured with tape or a rubber ball threaded onto a cord or strap.
  • A convulsion of the upper digestive tract.


  • (transitive, figuratively) To restrain someone's speech without using physical means.

    "When the financial irregularities were discovered, the CEO gagged everyone in the accounting department."

  • (intransitive) To experience the vomiting reflex.

    "He gagged when he saw the open wound."

  • (transitive) To restrain someone's speech by blocking his or her mouth.

    "The victims could not speak because the burglar had gagged them with duct tape."

  • (U.S. Army, slang) To smoke: to order a recruit to exercise until he "gags" (usually spoken in exaggeration).
  • To pry or hold open by means of a gag.
  • (transitive) To cause to heave with nausea.

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