• (to a crowd) Make way! Clear a path!


  • (Britain) An aisle.
  • (agricultural) An earthen and plank ramp leading from the stable yard into the upper storey or mow of a dairy barn.
  • A passageway through which to enter or leave, such as one between seating areas in an auditorium, or between two buildings.
  • (rare, obsolete outside dialects) A clear path through a crowd or a passageway with people.
  • (nautical) A passage through the side of a ship or though a railing through which the ship may be boarded.
  • A temporary passageway, such as one made of planks.
  • (nautical) A passage along either side of a ship's upper deck.
  • An articulating bridge or ramp, such as from land to a dock or a ship.

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