• (nautical) The depth to which a vessel sinks in the water.
  • (firearms) A unit of measurement which describes how many spheres of bore diameter of a shotgun can be had from one pound of lead; 12 gauge is roughly equivalent to .75 caliber.
  • An act of measuring.
  • (rail transport) The distance between the rails of a railway.
  • (nautical) Relative positions of two or more vessels with reference to the wind.

    "A vessel has the weather gauge of another when on the windward side of it, and the lee gauge when on the lee side of it."

  • That part of a shingle, slate, or tile, which is exposed to the weather, when laid; also, one course of such shingles, slates, or tiles.
  • A measure; a standard of measure; an instrument to determine dimensions, distance, or capacity; a standard
  • A thickness of sheet metal or wire designated by any of several numbering schemes.
  • (knitting) The number of stitches per inch, centimetre, or other unit of distance.
  • (plastering) The quantity of plaster of Paris used with common plaster to make it set more quickly.
  • (slang, by extension) A shotgun (synecdoche for 12 gauge shotgun, the most common chambering for combat and hunting shotguns).

    "1996, “Illusions” (song), Cypress Hill, in Cypress Hill III: Temples of Boom (album): I'm tryin to find ways to cope / But I ain't fuckin' round with the gauge or a rope2000, “Grab The Gauge” (song), Three 6 Mafia, in Underground Vol. 3: Kings of Memphis (album): It happens everyday don't make me grab the gauge / Dangerously I play, I best to kill with the gauge / And put ya body in the back of that grey Chevrolet"

  • Any instrument for ascertaining or regulating the level, state, dimensions or forms of things; as, a rain gauge; a steam gauge.
  • (mathematics, analysis) A semi-norm; a function that assigns a non-negative size to all vectors in a vector space.


  • (transitive) To estimate.
  • (transitive) To mix (a quantity of ordinary plaster) with a quantity of plaster of Paris.
  • (transitive) To measure or determine with a gauge; to measure the capacity of.
  • (textile, transitive) To draw into equidistant gathers by running a thread through it.
  • (transitive) To appraise the character or ability of; to judge of.
  • (transitive) To chip, hew or polish (stones, bricks, etc) to a standard size and/or shape.

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