• Comfortable, cozy, snug, pleasant.

    "1964, Nation, Issues 135-159[1], Digitized edition, Nation Review, published 2011, page 98:However, to any Nation readers who think that gemutlich is not “a living word" I am glad to be able to inform them that Harold Nicolson in his volume Good Behaviour has a whole chapter on Gemutlichkeit, ...1973, Edward G. Robinson, Leonard Spigelgass, All My Yesterdays, Digitized edition, Autobiography, Hawthorn Books, published 2008, page 80:…and there's always a buzz of"

  • Friendly, genial, cheerful, easy-going.

    "1997 January 26, Judith Miller, “FILM: Making Money Abroad, And Also a Few Enemies”, New York Times, New York:The censors cut one in which Judd Hirsch, who plays Mr. Goldblum's gemutlich, Yiddish-spouting father,"

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