• (chess, of a piece) Unprotected and exposed to capture.
  • Suspended.

    "The hanging vines made the house look older than it was."


  • (countable) Anything that is hung as a decorative element (such as curtains, gobelins or posters).

    "The various hangings on that Christmas tree look nice."

  • (countable) A public event at which a person is hanged.

    "The hanging of the bandits was attended by the whole village."

  • (uncountable) The act of hanging a person (or oneself) by the neck in order to execute that person (or to commit suicide).

    "Hanging is the punishment for one convicted of war crimes, there."

  • (uncountable) The way in which hangings (decorations) are arranged.

    "I dislike the cramped hanging in the gallery of 18th century painters."


  • present participle of hang

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