• A sheltered expanse of water, adjacent to land, in which ships may dock or anchor, especially for loading and unloading.

    "A harbor, even if it is a little harbor, is a good thing, since adventurers come into it as well as go out, and the life in it grows strong, because it takes something from the world, and has something to give in return - Sarah Orne Jewett"

  • Any place of shelter.

    "The neighborhood is a well-known harbor for petty thieves."


  • (intransitive) To take refuge or shelter in a protected expanse of water.

    "The fleet harbored in the south."

  • (transitive) To provide a harbor or safe place for.

    "The docks, which once harbored tall ships, now harbor only petty thieves."

  • (transitive) To hold or persistently entertain in one's thoughts or mind.

    "She harbors a conviction that her husband has a secret, criminal past."

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