• (countable, forestry) The tree or tree species that yields the preceding.

    "This hardwood has been planted extensively throughout the hills here."

  • (countable) (in more general use) As the preceding but limited to those that are commercial timbers, and are at least average in hardness.

    "Ash, hickory and oak are some of the most prominent domestic hardwoods."

  • (sports, slang) The sport of basketball, in particular, an indoor basketball court; so named because the floor of an indoor basketball court is normally made of hardwood.
  • (countable, mostly in botany and forestry) The wood from any dicotyledonous tree, without regard to its hardness.

    "Balsa is a hardwood, but a soft hardwood."

  • (uncountable) A joint term for the commercial timbers, without distinguishing which.

    "You should have used hardwood for this window sill instead of this junk."

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