• The striking of one body against another; collision.
  • A significant or strong influence; an effect.

    "His friend's opinion had an impact on his decision."

  • (chiefly medicine) A forced impinging.

    "His spine had an impingement; L4 and L5 made impact, which caused numbness in his leg."

  • The force or energy of a collision of two objects.

    "The hatchet cut the wood on impact."

  • A significant or strong influence; an effect.

    "Our choice of concrete will have a tremendous impact on the building's mechanical performance."


  • (transitive) To collide or strike.

    "When the hammer impacts the nail, it bends."

  • (transitive, proscribed) To influence; to affect; to have an impact on.

    "I can make the changes, but it will impact the schedule."

  • (transitive) To compress; to compact; to press or pack together.

    "If fecal incontinence is caused by impacted stool in the rectum, the impaction must be removed."

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