• Last made; hence, made of refuse; inferior.
  • (obsolete) Last; long-delayed.
  • late


  • (Britain, slang, archaic) One sentenced to transportation for a crime.
  • One who lags; that which comes in last.
  • A bird, the greylag.
  • (uncountable) Delay; latency.
  • (snooker) A method of deciding which player shall start. Both players simultaneously strike a cue ball from the baulk line to hit the top cushion and rebound down the table; the player whose ball finishes closest to the baulk cushion wins.
  • A stave of a cask, drum, etc.; especially (engineering) one of the narrow boards or staves forming the covering of a cylindrical object, such as a boiler, or the cylinder of a carding machine or steam engine.
  • (countable) A gap, a delay; an interval created by something not keeping up; a latency.
  • (Britain, slang) a prisoner, a criminal.
  • The fag-end; the rump; hence, the lowest class.


  • (transitive) To cause to lag; to slacken.
  • (Britain, slang, archaic) To transport as a punishment for crime.
  • to cover (for example, pipes) with felt strips or similar material
  • to fail to keep up (the pace), to fall behind

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