• A large, landlocked stretch of water.
  • (dialectal) Play; sport; game; fun; glee.
  • (obsolete) Fine linen.
  • (now chiefly dialectal) A small stream of running water; a channel for water; a drain.
  • (obsolete) An offering, sacrifice, gift.
  • A large amount of liquid; as, a wine lake.
  • In dyeing and painting, an often fugitive crimson or vermillion pigment derived from an organic colorant (cochineal or madder, for example) and an inorganic, generally metallic mordant.


  • (obsolete) To play; to sport.
  • (chiefly dialectal) To leap, jump, exert oneself, play.
  • To make lake-red.
  • (obsolete) To present an offering.

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