• To the side; of or pertaining to the side.

    "Instead of a promotion, I opted for a lateral move to a similar position in the marketing department."

  • (linguistics) Pertaining to sounds generated by partially blocking the egress of the airstream with the tip of the tongue touching the alveolar ridge, leaving space on one or both sides of the occlusion for air passage.
  • (anatomy) Pertaining to the left or right of the body; further from the midline.

    "A fish senses changes in hydrodynamic pressure with its lateral line."

  • "The medial side of the knee faces the other knee, while the outer side of the knee is lateral."


  • an object, such as a passage or a protrusion, that is situated on the side of something else
  • (business) An employee hired for a position at the same organizational level or salary as their previous position.
  • (American football) a lateral pass
  • (linguistics) a sound produced through lateral pronunciation (such as /l/ in lateral)


  • (American football) To execute a lateral pass
  • To move (oneself or something) in a lateral direction

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