• Containing lime or lime juice.
  • Lime-green.
  • Having the aroma or flavor of lime.


  • (anime) A fan fiction story that stops short of full, explicit descriptions of sexual activity, with the intimacy left to the reader's imagination.
  • (poetic) Any gluey or adhesive substance; something which traps or captures someone; sometimes a synonym for birdlime.
  • Any of several green citrus fruit, somewhat smaller and sharper-tasting than a lemon.
  • (chemistry) A general term for inorganic materials containing calcium, usually calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide; quicklime.
  • A deciduous tree of the genus Tilia, especially Tilia × europaea; the linden tree, or its wood.
  • A light, somewhat yellowish, green colour associated with the fruits of a lime tree.

    "lime colour: "

  • Any of the trees that bear limes, especially key lime, Citrus aurantiifolia.


  • (rare) To ensnare, catch, entrap.
  • (West Indies) To hang out/socialize in an informal, relaxed environment, especially with friends, for example at a party or on the beach.
  • (transitive) To smear with birdlime.
  • (transitive) To treat with calcium hydroxide or calcium oxide (lime).
  • (transitive) To apply limewash

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