• Of full legal age; having attained majority.
  • (music) Containing the note which is a major third (four half steps) above the tonic.
  • Greater in number, quantity, or extent.

    "the major part of the assembly"

  • (music) Being the larger of two intervals denoted by the same ordinal number.
  • Of great significance or importance.
  • (music) Of a scale which follows the pattern: tone - tone - semitone - tone - tone - tone - semitone

    "a major scale."


  • (US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) The main area of study of a student working toward a degree at a college or university.

    "Midway through his second year of college, he still hadn't chosen a major."

  • (logic) The major premise.
  • a military rank between captain and lieutenant colonel

    "This is Major Jones."

  • A person of legal age.
  • A large, commercially successful record label, as opposed to an indie.
  • a military rank between captain and lieutenant colonel

    "He used to be a major in the army."

  • (US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) A student at a college or university concentrating on a given area of study.

    "She is a math major."

  • (Canadian football) An alternate term for touchdown; short for "major score".


  • to concentrate on a particular area of study as a student in a college or university

    "I have decided to major in mathematics."

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