• A directory of people maintained for their advancement

    "To get a job in today's economy, it is important to have a strong network."

  • Any interconnected group or system

    "A network of roads crisscrossed the country."

  • (computing) Multiple computers and other devices connected together to share information

    "The copy machine is connected to the network so it can now serve as a printer."

  • A fabric or structure of fibrous elements attached to each other at regular intervals.
  • (broadcasting) A group of affiliated television stations that broadcast common programs from a parent company.


  • (intransitive) To interact socially for the purpose of getting connections or personal advancement.

    "Many people find it worthwhile to network for jobs and information."

  • (transitive) To interconnect a group or system.
  • (transitive) To connect two or more computers or other computerized devices.

    "If we network his machine to the server, he will be able to see all the files."

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