• (obsolete) Singular in excellence; unique; sole; matchless; peerless; famous.
  • (not comparable) Occasional; infrequent.

    "but for the odd exception"

  • (not comparable, in combination with a number, not comparable) About, approximately.

    "There were thirty-odd people in the room."

  • (not comparable) Single; sole; singular; not having a mate.

    "Optimistically, he had a corner of a drawer for odd socks."

  • Strange, unusual.

    "She slept in, which was very odd."

  • (not comparable) Casual, irregular, not planned.

    "He's only worked odd jobs."

  • Singular in looks or character; peculiar; eccentric.
  • (not comparable) Left over, remaining when the rest have been grouped.

    "I'm the odd one out."

  • (not comparable) Not divisible by two; not even.

    "The product of odd numbers is also odd."

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