• Approved by authority; authorized.
  • Relating to an office; especially, to a subordinate executive officer or attendant.
  • Derived from the proper office or officer, or from the proper authority; made or communicated by virtue of authority

    "an official statement or report"

  • Discharging an office or function.
  • Of or pertaining to an office or public trust.

    "official duties"

  • sanctioned by the pharmacopoeia; appointed to be used in medicine; officinal

    "an official drug or preparation"

  • Relating to an ecclesiastical judge appointed by a bishop, chapter, archdeacon, etc., with charge of the spiritual jurisdiction.


  • A person responsible for applying the rules of a game or sport in a competition.

    "In most soccer games there are three officials: the referee and two linesmen."

  • An office holder invested with powers and authorities.

    "David Barnes was the official charged with the running of the sports club."

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