• (international trade) A form of countertrade arrangement, in which the seller agrees to purchase within a set time frame products of a certain value from the buying country. This kind of agreement may be used in large international public sector contracts such as arms sales.
  • (programming) The difference between a target memory address and a base address.

    "An array of bytes uses its index as the offset, of words a multiple thereof."

  • (surveying) A short distance measured at right angles from a line actually run to some point in an irregular boundary, or to some object.
  • A spur from a range of hills or mountains.
  • Anything that acts as counterbalance; a compensating equivalent.

    "Today's victory was an offset to yesterday's defeat."

  • A printing method, in which ink is carried from a metal plate to a rubber blanket and from there to the printing surface.
  • The distance by which one thing is out of alignment with another.

    "There is a small offset between the switch and the indicator which some users found confusing."

  • (botany) A short prostrate shoot that takes root and produces a tuft of leaves, etc.
  • (obsolete, c. 1555) A time at which something begins; outset.
  • (signal analysis) The displacement between the base level of a measurement and the signal's real base level.

    "The raw signal data was subjected to a baseline correction process to subtract the sensor's offset and drift variations."

  • An abrupt bend in an object, such as a rod, by which one part is turned aside out of line, but nearly parallel, with the rest; the part thus bent aside.
  • (architecture) A horizontal ledge on the face of a wall, formed by a diminution of its thickness, or by the weathering or upper surface of a part built out from it; a set-off.


  • To form an offset in (a wall, rod, pipe, etc.).
  • To compensate for something.

    "to offset one charge against another"

  • "I'll offset the time difference locally."

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