• Alone in a category.

    "He is the only doctor for miles."

  • "The only cat sat on the only mat."

  • (obsolete) Mere.
  • Alone in a category.

    "Only the cat sat on the mat. The dog never did."

  • Without sibling; without a sibling of the same gender.

    "He is their only son, in fact, an only child."

  • Alone in a category.

    "The only people in the stadium were the fans: no players, coaches, or officials."

  • Singularly superior; the best.

    "He is the only trombonist to recruit."


  • As recently as.

    "He left only moments ago."

  • No more than; just.

    "The cat only sat on the mat. It didn't scratch it."

  • Without others or anything further; exclusively.

    "My heart is hers, and hers only."

  • (obsolete) Above all others; particularly.


  • But; except.

    "I would enjoy running, only I have this broken leg."

  • Under the condition that; but.


  • (rare) An only child.

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