• A group of inerts
  • A two-handed, single-bladed oar used to propel a canoe or a small boat.
  • A slat of a paddleboat's wheel.
  • (video games, dated) A game controller with a round wheel used to control player movement along one axis of the video screen.
  • A bat-shaped spanking implement

    "The paddle practically ousted the British cane as the spanker's attribute in the independent US"

  • In a sluice, a panel that controls the flow of water.
  • Time spent on paddling.

    "We had a nice paddle this morning."

  • A blade of a waterwheel.
  • A kitchen utensil shaped like a paddle and used for mixing, beating etc.
  • A flat limb of an aquatic animal, adapted for swimming.

    "A sea turtle's paddles make it swim almost as fast as land tortoises are slow"

  • A handheld defibrillation/cardioversion electrode
  • A double-bladed oar used for kayaking.
  • A paddlewheel.
  • (Britain) A meandering walk or dabble through shallow water, especially at the seaside.
  • A ping-pong bat.


  • (intransitive) To row a boat with less than one's full capacity.
  • To tread upon; to trample.
  • (archaic, intransitive) To toy or caress using hands or fingers
  • (transitive) To propel something through water with a paddle, oar, hands, etc.
  • To pat or stroke amorously or gently.
  • To toddle
  • (transitive) To spank with a paddle.
  • (intransitive, Britain) To walk or dabble playfully in shallow water, especially at the seaside.

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