• (law) A document containing the names of persons summoned as jurors by the sheriff; hence, more generally, the whole jury.
  • A soft pad beneath a saddletree to prevent chafing.
  • (masonry) A slab or plank of wood used instead of a canvas for painting on.
  • (dressmaking) A plain strip or band, as of velvet or plush, placed at intervals lengthwise on the skirt of a dress, for ornament.
  • An individual frame or drawing in a comic.

    "The last panel of a comic strip usually contains a punchline."

  • (obsolete) A piece of cloth serving as a saddle.
  • (masonry) One of the faces of a hewn stone.
  • (mining) One of the districts divided by pillars of extra size, into which a mine is laid off in one system of extracting coal.
  • A group of people gathered to judge, interview, discuss etc. as on a television or radio broadcast for example.

    "Today's panel includes John Smith."

  • (law, Scotland) A prisoner arraigned for trial at the bar of a criminal court.
  • (joinery) A board having its edges inserted in the groove of a surrounding frame.

    "the panel of a door"

  • (mining) A heap of dressed ore.
  • A portion of a framed structure between adjacent posts or struts, as in a bridge truss.
  • A (usually) rectangular section of a surface, or of a covering or of a wall, fence etc.; (architecture) A sunken compartment with raised margins, moulded or otherwise, as in ceilings, wainscotings, etc.

    "Behind the picture was a panel on the wall."


  • to fit with panels

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