• A counterintuitive conclusion or outcome.

    "It is an interesting paradox that drinking a lot of water can often make you feel thirsty."

  • An unanswerable question or difficult puzzle, particularly one which leads to a deeper truth.
  • (uncountable, philosophy) A state in which one is logically compelled to contradict oneself.
  • A self-contradictory statement, which can only be true if it is false, and vice versa.

    ""This sentence is false" is a paradox."

  • A person or thing having contradictory properties.

    "He is a paradox; you would not expect him in that political party."

  • (uncountable) The use of counterintuitive or contradictory statements (paradoxes) in speech or writing.
  • A claim that two apparently contradictory ideas are true. transl.

    "Not having a fashion is a fashion; that's a paradox."

  • (obsolete) A statement which is difficult to believe, or which goes against general belief.
  • (uncountable, psychotherapy) The practice of giving instructions that are opposed to the therapist's actual intent, with the intention that the client will disobey or be unable to obey.

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